Agatha Christie was one of the most prolific writers known. She is the writer of the mystery novel And Then There Were None.


She was born September 15 1890 in England into a wealthy upper middle class family. She lived most of her life in Devon. Christie was made a dame in 1971 by Queen Elizabeth II. Throughout her life she was surrounded by strong women and she was christian although she believed in psychic powers. She was also homeschooled thus isolating her from society and allowing her to explore her creative side. Her father was often ill and died when she was a teen. Christie studied in France and traveled a lot. Her marriage ended in divorce and afterwards she disappeared for ten full days.

And Then There Were None

Her book, And Then There Were None was published in 1939, around the period of the great depression. It was a big hit because people going through the depression often wanted to forget reality.

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