Miranda Richardson as Emily Brent.

Emily Brent was a highly religious woman and feels that the killing of her maid was an act of God.

Emily's indirectly caused the suicide of her maid (Beatrice Taylor) by firing the maid when she became pregnant out of wedlock. Unemployed, pregnant, and hungry, Taylor took her own life. This is the act with which she was "Charged" by Justice Wargrave (alias U.N. Owen). She believed the killings were an act of God. She dies fifth in accordance with the bee sting line of Ten Little Soldier Boys. She has been portrayed by various actresses over a variety of films and series, most recently by Miranda Richardson in the BBC miniseries And Then There Were None.

Death Edit

She was poisoned with a cyanide syringe in the dining room after being left alone. A bee had also been in the room making it look like it stung her, causing her to die. In the 1974 adaptation she was bitten by a poisonous snake in her bedroom and in the 2015 BBC adaptation, she is found in a chair with a knitting needle stuck in her neck, symbolizing a bee sting. Trash

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