"That's the meaning of the whole business. We're not going to leave the island... None of us will ever leave."

General John Gordon Macarthur was one of ten guests invited to Soldier Island. He was the third to die, in the manner laid out in the poem.

Macarthur was a retired World War I war general, who sent his late wife's lover (Arthur Richmond) to his death by assigning him to a mission where it was practically guaranteed he would not survive. Leslie MacArthur had mistakenly sent a letter to Macarthur that was meant for Richmond, resulting in MacArthur finding out that she was writing to both men. The general tells Vera that no one will leave the island alive.


Invited to the island to meet up with some buddies from his days in the war.


"John Gordon Macarthur, that on the 14th of January, 1917, you deliberately sent your wife's lover, Arthur Richmond, to his death."

John MacArthur discovered that his wife (Leslie) was having an affair with a family friend Arthur Richmond, who was serving under MacArthur's command. The affair was exposed when John found a letter to Richmond penned by his wife which was put into an envelope addressed to him by mistake. In retaliation, MacArthur sent Richmond on a "mission" resulting in the younger man's death. It is implied that John knew this mission was doomed to fail from the start but sent Richmond.

How he diedEdit

"One said he'd stay there and then there were Seven."

Macarthur was hit with a life preserver or some other heavy object to the back of his head while sitting outside, resigned to his inevitable death. Armstrong found his body and carried it to the house.



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Video GameEdit

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