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Sir Lawrence John Wargrave, former justice of The Queen's Bench, was one of the ten guests invited to Indian Island, and also the hidden main antagonist of the mystery novel And Then There Were None. The former judge was known to be a hanging judge (often called "more graves Wargrave"), and thought to look "tortoise-like," with his head peeking in and out through his collar. He also tends to smoke. And likes to eat fish


The judge was invited to a four play by an old friend, Lady Constance Culmington, who always invites him to exotic locales, wanting to live "at one with nature."


He committed judicial murder by sending Edward Seton to hang. Wargrave reasoned this by saying that Seton was guilty of many things, but not of rape.

Throughout most of the week, Wargrave is quiet, and observant. However, after it is decided that Mr. Owen is one of the survivors, he snaps into action. He calls the shots, making sure that everybody stays together, as no one can be killed if only one person leaves the group at a time, as the rest will be watching each other.After Vera Claythorne leaves the group to go to her room, she is heard screaming. Everyone in the group rushes to her room, but during the confusion, Justice Wargrave has disappeared. He is later found sitting in the dining hall with a bullet hole in his head, scarlet drapes around him, and a fake wig on his head as if he was sitting in court. (he was also criminally cool)

Secret IdentityEdit

If you read the epilogue, you would see that a paper is found explaining the deaths of everyone on the island and the reasons behind them. The letter is signed Lawrence Wargrave. Though he is supposedly thought dead after being found shot in the head, he had set the whole thing up. While he had an no. they were brought to the gallows. Through many interviews, he gathered 9 people who had done crime outside the scope of the law, and thus could not be prosecuted. Justice Wargrave is later revealed to be U.N. Owen.



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Portrayed by Bruce Belfrage

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Video GameEdit

Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None (2005)

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