Quotes Edit

"In the confusion attending the finding of Rogers' body I slipped into Lombard's room and abstracted his revolver. I knew that he would have one with him - in fact, I had instructed Morris to suggest as much when he interviewed him."

"I want to know why you brought a revolver down here on a pleasant social visit."

"I brought it because I expected to run into a spot of trouble."

"I'm damned if I'll give up my revolver!"

"That revolver must be found."

"They searched the house carefully from attic to cellars, but without result."

"He stood there, staring down at the revolveer that was inside it..."

"I did start by thinking of you - that revolver - and the queer story you told - or didn't tell."

"Vera came warily forward, the revolver ready in her hand."

"Give that revolver to me."

"Philip Lombard was dead - shot through the heart."