Mrs Rogers

Mrs. Ethel Rogers

Mrs. Ethel Rogers was one of the ten people invited to Indian Island. She is a maid and wife to Thomas Rogers, and described as being a quiet, pale, ghost-like woman.


Mrs. Rogers and her husband were hired by Mr. U.N. Owen as servants for the week.


On May 6th, 1929, Mrs. Rogers and her husband killed their employer Jennifer Brady, who was sick. They deliberately didn't give her her medicine and she died.

Island EventsEdit

Mrs. Rogers cooks dinner and serves drinks for the guests. Mrs. Rogers and her husband arrived on the island two days before everyone else.


After the accusations, Mrs. Rogers faints and is given a glass of brandy when she wakes up. Unbeknownst to anyone, however, Justice Wargrave has slipped a lethal amount of chloral hydrate (a sleeping drug) into the brandy, and Mrs. Rogers dies in her sleep that night.


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