Philip Lombard is a character in Agatha Christie's mystery novel And Then There Were None. Strangers invited to Indian Island by U.N. Owen. He was accused of killing 21 natives from an East African tribe. He, along with Marston, are the only guests to openly confirm that the accusations against them are true; neither feels any remorse. Lombard arrived at the island with a loaded revolver, as suggested by his invitation letter.

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In the BBC adaptation, he has a hot body and towel Lombard also checks Vera out during the train ride, but she notices and moves to another carriage, Wargrave's. They meet at the dock and introduce themselves. There is an obvious attraction between the two, more on Lombard's part. He initiates conversations and seems extremely intrigued in her and interested. Throughout the series, constant contact and conversation is created. Vera consistently gets into fights with both Armstrong and Blore, but Lombard always calms things down and protects Vera.
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Vera Claythorne (Maeve Dermody) and Philip Lombard (Aidan Turner) from the BBC adaption.

After Wargrave's body is found, the party of four [Lombard, Claythorne, Armstrong, Blore] begin to lose sanity and hope of coming out of the island alive. They begin to party heavily with Marston's cocaine [Marston only had this in the drama] and drink alcohol. Under the influence of their intoxication, Philip and Vera's attraction comes out and they begin to dance. He states that death isn't for them. When the party retreats to their rooms, Lombard and Claythorne meet and have sex.

When they are the last two, she is tormented with her conflicts and goes insane, shooting Lombard in the process. When she hangs herself, Wargrave [the killer] comes in and begins to explain his reasonings for killing everyone and that he tricked her. She uses the leg of the chair to take short bursts of oxygen as she speaks to him. She attempts to throw Lombard under the bus and live but Wargrave denies and says that this is why he set up this whole thing. He pulls the chair from under her therefore leading her to really hang and die.