Murder MethodEdit

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Method Relation to Rhyme
Anthony Marston Poison First to die; seemingly choked on his drink. Later found out it was cyanide.
Mrs. Ethel Rogers Poison Second to die; never woke up after getting a sleeping pill.
General MacArthur Blunt Force Third to die; said he would never leave and resigned himself to his own death, being bludgeoned with a pipe or similar object
Thomas Rogers Axe Fourth to die; was killed while chopping up sticks for firelighting
Emily Brent Poison Fifth to die; poison injection made to look like a bee sting
Justice Wargrave Firearm Sixth to (apparently) die; shot while wearing robes and wig to set law theme( Faked death)
Dr. Armstrong Drowning Seventh to die; red herring was believing the murderer to be his ally
William Blore Blunt Force Eighth to die; crushed by a marble ornament shaped like a bear
Philip Lombard Firearm Ninth to die; was shot on the beach on a sunny day
Vera Claythorne long rope Last to die: hanged herself
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