Vera Elizabeth Claythorne is of the third class social status and an invite to Soldier Island. She supervised young children and teached young girls to play tennis. Vera was the last "victim" to die in the story, her suicide orchestrated by her guilt that was raised with Lawrence Wargrave's antics.

Invitation and Time on the Island Edit

Vera was invited to the island as a result of being accepted as Mrs. Una Nancy Owen's secretary. From the island she was regarded as a respectable and straightforward young lady, not beautiful but certainly a woman of great understanding, observed as 'a match for even Philip Lombard' by Wargrave. She was invited by Lawrence Wargrave under the guise of Mrs. Owen, who resolved to kill her with her past guilt.

During her stay, she was constantly racked with guilt and daydreams of her former lover, Hugo Hamilton. She was the first to realize the murders were happening in the order of the nursery rhyme that was framed in all of their rooms. She and Philip Lombard were the 'last two' on the island, and she shot Lombard with his own revolver. She later went back to the manor and hanged herself, confident Hugo would have wanted her to do it.

Character History Edit

Vera lets Hugo's nephew die in order to get enough money for the two of them to get married. His name was Cyril and she let him swim past the rocks. She pretended to go after him but let him drown. Everyone saw her as a hero for trying to save him except for Hugo, who knew what she did.